Avoiding Delays And Rejections During A Marriage-Based Green Card Application


When you have fallen in love with someone in the United States, nothing should prevent you from being together once you decide to tie the knot. However, if you make mistakes during the green card application process, you may be delayed from becoming a U.S. citizen and receiving full benefits. Make Sure the Marriage is Legal If you are going to immigrate to the United States through marriage, you must make sure that you are legally married.

25 November 2018

Beat An Additional Charge Of Resisting Arrest By Arguing These Facts

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Getting charged with any criminal offense is problematic, but things get even more complicated when you pick up a charge of resisting arrest on top of the initial charge. In such a scenario, your criminal defense attorney suddenly finds himself or herself defending you against a pair of charges. Regardless of the severity of the original charge, resisting arrest is always serious.  While there are instances in which the state will have a strong case for your resistance, you may be able to argue certain facts with the hope of having this charge dropped.

13 October 2018

3 Things To Know Before Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

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When choosing a criminal defense attorney, it is crucial that you follow a few basic steps in order to protect yourself, and get the best chance of winning your case. 1. Put In the Time- It is easy to find an attorney. Finding the right attorney, however, can be quite the challenge. Though you may need a defense attorney quickly, don't just hire the first one you encounter. Remember that this person is literally representing you.

9 September 2018

3 Crucial Tips When Applying For Social Security Disability

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If you're disabled and have worked long enough, you may be able to qualify to social security disability. This federal program provides financial assistance, and to ensure this application process goes smoothly, you'll want to remember these tips.  Make Sure You Qualify Before you start this application process, you first need to make sure you're entitled to such benefits. Otherwise, you could potentially waste a lot of your time and energy.

6 August 2018

Four Common Reasons Disability Benefits Are Denied, And How An Attorney Can Help You

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It is not uncommon for people to be denied disability benefits. This is not necessarily because they do not qualify for them. Many of these people are entitled to benefits. But for various mistakes or misunderstandings about disability laws, their application was denied. The following are a few of the common reasons for a denial of benefits. The injury was not well documented This is at the top of the list of reasons why a claim is denied.

29 June 2018

Leave Probate Behind: Find Out About These Three Probate Alternatives

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Despite folklore, it is probably not possible to avoid probate altogether and that is not really the point. Probate serves an important purpose when it comes to dealing with an estate and not all probate practices can or should be overlooked. If you are planning your estate, it might be best to keep in mind that the idea is not to avoid probate but to keep as much of your property as possible out of probate's grasp.

30 May 2018

The Ultimate Guide When Looking For Social Security Disability Attorneys

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When trying to receive social security benefits, a lot of obstacles can come your way. There may be errors with your application, or it may be difficult proving your disability. In either case, a social security lawyer can help. To ensure you're represented to the fullest and are advised correctly, though, you need to use this selection guide. Experience  Ultimately, how sound the legal advice you receive from one of these lawyers depends on how much experience they have.

29 April 2018

Workers' Compensation Claims: Avoiding Mistakes

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Your workplace is one of the last places you expect to get hurt or experience injuries, especially if you don't work around dangerous equipment or materials. Getting hurt and recovering from home, you may still feel pain and shock about what happened. As bills come in, fears may arise about how they'll be paid and what the future holds at your job. If you're considering applying for workers' compensation funds, mistakes during the process can create even more tension and stress; utilize these related tips to avoid such problems.

29 March 2018

Three Ways Hiring A Court Reporter Can Help During Your Civil Trial

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If you are involved in a civil lawsuit, then you probably want to make sure that you are as prepared for trial as possible. If this is the case, then you may want to think about hiring a court reporter to sit in during the trial and document everything that is said. You might not really understand why this is necessary when you can just record everything, but you might find that it's more than worth it to use a professional for this service.

1 March 2018

Challenges You May Face With Dram Shop Laws

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If an intoxicated motorist crashes into your car, you can use dram shop laws to pursue injury damages against the establishment that sold alcohol to the motorist. The dram shop laws only apply if the motorist was already intoxicated when they were served alcohol, and the server or bartender was aware (or should have been aware) of the fact. Still, you aren't guaranteed a straightforward win with dram shop laws, and you can still face challenges such as these three.

27 January 2018