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3 Crucial Tips When Applying For Social Security Disability

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If you're disabled and have worked long enough, you may be able to qualify to social security disability. This federal program provides financial assistance, and to ensure this application process goes smoothly, you'll want to remember these tips. 

Make Sure You Qualify

Before you start this application process, you first need to make sure you're entitled to such benefits. Otherwise, you could potentially waste a lot of your time and energy. In terms of work history, you must have a certain amount of work credits. The accepted total can be found on Social Security's website. Generally, this figure is 40 credits

You also must have a condition that hinders your ability to work. Some of the most common qualifying conditions include stroke, epilepsy, chronic pain, spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and multiple sclerosis. Lastly, your condition must be severe enough to where you can't transition to another line of work. If all of these qualifications check out, then you should proceed with your application. 

Carefully Complete the Paperwork 

Where a lot of candidates struggle with applying for SSD is completing all of the paperwork. There are many forms you have to fill out, detailing the extent of your medical condition and work history. 

Even though there are many forms, you need to take your time filling out each one. You then won't have to worry as much about missing or incorrect information, which can cause a serious delay in your SSD approval. After you fill out all of the necessary forms, have someone you know double-check them to ensure they're error-free.

Hire a SSD Attorney 

If you've never applied for social security disability before, everything may seem so foreign. It's to your benefit to work with a social security disability attorney, as they can take you through the various stages of this process.

They'll first verify your medical condition and work history, ensuring you're a good candidate for SSD. If your case is denied the first time, your attorney can talk to the appropriate parties and find out why. They can then fix any errors, whether it's providing more medical documents or fixing something on your application. Having an attorney by your side during this application process ensures you take the right actions to get approved. 

Whether you have a severe spinal injury or heart condition, you may no longer be able to work. Fortunately, social security disability is available to provide financial assistance on a consistent basis. As long as you stay proactive and research what applying for SSD involves, you shouldn't have any trouble getting these benefits. 


6 August 2018