What Does A "Duty Of Care" Mean To A Personal Injury Claim?

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When you've been injured due to someone's negligence, it's normal to wonder if you can make a claim against the other party for your losses. After all, you likely have a number of medical bills piling up, lost wages, and significant pain and suffering — all of which should be compensated. In order to make a claim, however, you have to show that the negligent party owed you a certain "

28 December 2019

What Should You Do If Your Former Spouse Falsely Accuses You?

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When parents divorce, they have to move into a co-parenting relationship. Although you do not have to be friendly, it is ideal to be cordial to provide a healthy family unit for your kids. Unfortunately, there is often animosity between divorced parents that continues long after the divorce is finalized. In really bad cases, one parent may try to falsely accuse the other of any number of actions to manipulate the children and the court system.

27 November 2019

Things You Should Absolutely Do Before Filing For Divorce

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A divorce is a big event in life and is not something you should instantly rush into, as it is permanent and final. Divorce might be the right option for you, though, but it is very important to make sure that this is really what you want and that you understand the effects it will have on your life. Therefore, you should consider doing the following things before going to a lawyer to file.

5 November 2019

The Importance Of A Premarital Agreement In A Second Marriage

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If you are planning on getting remarried and both of you already have kids, it is very important for you to consider creating a premarital agreement before you wed. A premarital agreement in this case is designed primarily to protect the children involved in your marriage. When a family is blended, a divorce or even a death can be confusing to work through, and that is why it is vital to consider creating a premarital agreement in this situation.

8 October 2019

Motorcycle Accident Legal Case Advice

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When you are trying to get back on your feet after a motorcycle wreck, turning to a lawyer that can help you recover damages is essential. Because motorcycle wrecks are particularly dangerous, you will need to put together some plans that can help you show up to court well-represented. You'll also have to learn about some techniques that guarantee the best medical care and recovery. With this in mind, utilize the tips below so that you can win your motorcycle accident case.

2 September 2019

How To Prepare For The Bankruptcy Process


The possibility of declaring bankruptcy can seem like a daunting thing. If you approach it in a serious and structured fashion, though, it represents a good chance to get your financial house in order. Whether you're dealing with a personal or commercial bankruptcy, there are a few things you need to do before filing. Figure Out What Your Situation Actually Is Tracking down the numbers that describe your circumstances is critical.

30 June 2019

Getting Divorced? Here Are 5 Things You Shouldn't Do Next

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All divorces have a certain amount of difficulty, but some divorces end up being a lot more difficult than others. That's unfortunate because a difficult divorce equals an expensive divorce. It also means more stress and hassles than you need during this particular time of your life. There are ways, however, that you can make divorce a little easier on yourself (and your bank account). Here are 5 things that you should never do during a divorce:

30 June 2019

Disability Payments For Minors

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees several benefit programs for those in need. You might have heard of the various Social Security programs but one unique program is aimed at those who are under the age of 18. Read on to find out more. SSA Benefit Programs The SSA is not just one program, but several. Take a look at a listing of the following programs so that you will know about the appropriate program when you need help or information:

30 May 2019

Legal Help When Immigrating To The United States


Immigration to any country is not without difficulties. The United States is no different. The legal red tape makes it tough for people to move into the country and increases the time to complete the process.  Navigating the System People have many different reasons to want to move to the US, some involve work, others because family is here, and still others are fleeing their country out of fear. Coming to the US is a good way to have the opportunities they may not have at home and start a family in a country with very few limitations.

1 May 2019

Proving Age Discrimination

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If you have been the victim of age discrimination, it may be very obvious to you that you have been refused something due to your age, but the problem is you need to prove that the reason you were refused an item, service, or promotion will be something that you need to be able to prove and this isn't always easy for you to do. Here are some tips to help you have a better chance of proving that you have in fact been the victim of age discrimination.

21 March 2019