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What Should You Do If Your Former Spouse Falsely Accuses You?

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When parents divorce, they have to move into a co-parenting relationship. Although you do not have to be friendly, it is ideal to be cordial to provide a healthy family unit for your kids. Unfortunately, there is often animosity between divorced parents that continues long after the divorce is finalized.

In really bad cases, one parent may try to falsely accuse the other of any number of actions to manipulate the children and the court system. The goal is usually to gain more power of the children. False allegations are serious and can result in some serious repercussions. Here are some things you need to know if you are falsely accused:

What Is the Purpose of a False Allegation?

Circumstances are different for everyone, but most people resort to false allegations to get something they cannot obtain otherwise. Your spouse may have a desire to change some of the arrangements currently in place to favor his or her situation. For example, your former spouse could accuse you of child abuse to obtain full custody of the children, leaving you with little to no control. If this happens to you, you need to begin the process of disproving the allegations.

What Evidence Do You Need to Disprove False Allegations?

You will need documentation of evidence to prove the allegations wrong. The documentation will depend on the type of allegation they have levied against you. First, you should try not to panic, even though you have the right to be. If you are accused of abuse, you can provide a clear criminal record to show that you do not have a history of being violent. If your spouse accuses you of not being involved in your child's life, obtain a record of you going on school field trips or participation in your child's extracurricular activities. Once the judge is satisfied that you are innocent, more likely than not any allegations will be dropped.

When Do You Call an Attorney?

Once you have been falsely accused and it escalates to the legal system, you need a divorce law attorney. Your attorney will help you build a solid defense to prove you are innocent of the false allegations based on evidence. Be sure to be upfront with any communications you and your former spouse may have had in which something you said was misconstrued. Either way, you need legal counsel right away to prove your innocence.


27 November 2019