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The Importance Of A Premarital Agreement In A Second Marriage

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If you are planning on getting remarried and both of you already have kids, it is very important for you to consider creating a premarital agreement before you wed. A premarital agreement in this case is designed primarily to protect the children involved in your marriage. When a family is blended, a divorce or even a death can be confusing to work through, and that is why it is vital to consider creating a premarital agreement in this situation.

What a premarital agreement is

A premarital agreement is a legal document that is often called a prenuptial agreement. The purpose of a premarital agreement is simply to outline what will happen to each of your assets if one of you dies or if the marriage ends in divorce. In a second marriage where kids are involved, this document becomes very important for the protection of the kids if one spouse dies.

The reasons you need one for a second marriage with kids

Having a premarital agreement for a second marriage is a wise idea even if you do not have kids, but it can come in even more handy when you do. When you both enter into this second marriage and have kids, you will likely both be bringing assets into the marriage. After your marriage, these assets might be considered both of your assets, which means they would split evenly if you divorced. The problem is that if one of you has more assets than the other, you would want to make sure you each leave the marriage with the right assets if you divorce.

If you write up your agreement properly, it would protect you and your kids in the event of a divorce, but this agreement is even more important if one of you dies. If one person dies, the agreement should protect the children of the person who died. This means that your agreement should state that the children of the deceased are entitled to receive certain assets upon the death of their parent. Without this agreement in place, these children might end up receiving nothing when their own parent dies, while the other spouse's kids might receive everything.

You can learn more about premarital agreements by visiting a family lawyer. You should consider visiting a family lawyer prior to your marriage or shortly after you get married to ensure that you create an agreement that protects everyone involved. For more information, contact a law office like Law Offices Of James Jackson.


8 October 2019