Why An Environmental Law Practice Can Be So Valuable When Your Business Is Being Accused Of Environmental Wrongdoing

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Businesses of many different types can be accused of environmental wrongdoing. An oil and gas company could be accused of breaking environmental laws when acquiring oil, and a construction company could be accused of disposing of old construction materials or hazardous materials, such as paint, in an improper manner. If you are the owner of a business of any kind and have been accused of any type of environmental wrongdoing, now is the time to call an environmental law practice.

23 December 2020

Navigating Visitation During the Pandemic

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Until a viable vaccine becomes available and is widely administered, self-quarantining and social distancing will remain critical to avoiding spreading COVID-19. This presents a challenge for divorced parents trying to navigate child visitation during this time. Here are a few options for handling this situation to keep everyone safe. Rearrange the Schedule Whether you and your spouse developed your own visitation schedule or the court came up with it for you, now is a good time to set aside any differences or bad feelings you may have and look at rearranging the schedule to something that reduces the risk of transmitting the disease between your homes.

25 November 2020

Ways Injured Workers Can Facilitate Their Worker's Comp Claims

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Being on the job can sometimes result in work-related injuries. They happen a lot in all kinds of industries, but there is a way for workers to respond and that's submitting a worker's comp claim. If you do these things as recommended by worker's compensation lawyers, you can facilitate this entire process. Get Medical Evidence in Fast When your work-related accident is severe enough to warrant professional medical attention, you want to get medical evidence gathered during this time submitted as soon as possible.

22 October 2020

Handle A Situation That Involves One Of Your Drivers Being Accused Of Causing An Accident

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Clean driving records and high regard to safety standards may have resulted in your trucking firm being thought of as one of the best in the country. When an incident occurs, which may involve reckless driving and the cause of a vehicular accident, your reputation and finances are on the line and it is time to seek legal representation immediately. Conditions And Witnesses The conditions of a roadway, whether or not precipitation was a factor, your driver's response, and what passersby had to say can aid in keeping your employee from being at fault, but this will take a lot of investigative work and a legal representative will be needed.

21 September 2020

Two Ways Around A Liability Waiver

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It's common for businesses who deal in activities that have a high risk of injury to require customers sign liability waivers releasing their companies from responsibility if they get hurt. But signing such a waiver doesn't mean you have absolutely no recourse for collecting compensation if you're injured. Here are two ways you could get around a liability waiver to get your case heard in court. Prove Gross Negligence Despite what a business may want you to think, liability waivers are not bulletproof.

27 August 2020

How An Attorney Can Help If You've Been Injured Due To The Negligence Of Another Party

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You should be compensated for the injuries you've incurred due to the negligence of another party. But you shouldn't file a negligence claim to get compensation from the other party without the help of a lawyer. Here is how a negligence attorney can help you build and file a negligence case. Gathering the Evidence One important thing a negligence attorney can help you with is gathering the evidence you will need to prove your case and maximize your chance of winning compensation for your pain and suffering.

27 July 2020

5 Difficult Estate Planning Topics You Should Discuss With An Attorney

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Working with an estate planning attorney is rarely just about creating or amending a will. Plenty of other issues can arise from an estate, and some of them are downright difficult to deal with. Look at 5 difficult topics every client should talk about with an estate planning attorney. Preserving Assets After the Estate Is Concluded Transferring assets directly to beneficiaries is often the simplest way to get the job done.

26 June 2020

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Corporate Board?

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Members of a company's board have a number of responsibilities under corporate law. No matter your level of experience with these issues, it's a good idea to review these responsibilities from time to time with the help of a corporate law firm. Let's take a look at three of the most basic responsibilities all board members have. A Duty of Care for the Company's Best Interests When board members make decisions, they do so with a legal obligation to be loyal to the company and put its best interests first.

21 May 2020

How To Be Your Business Lawyer's Best Client

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Business lawyers have to deal with a wide range of problems, especially if they have many clients. Whether you're currently a client or planning to become one, there are some things you can do to reduce the madness for your attorney. Let's look at four ways you can become your business lawyer's best client. Assess Your Legal Exposure It's helpful for every client to have a good idea of what their exposure is to various legal risks.

22 April 2020

4 Facts To Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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Are you trying to find a way out of debt but notice that your debts keep increasing month after month? You are not the only person struggling in a situation like this. A lot of people find themselves in this position, and many people turn to Chapter 13 bankruptcy for help. If you do not know a lot about this option, here are four facts you should know that may help you decide if you should pursue it or not.

17 March 2020