How To Prepare For The Bankruptcy Process


The possibility of declaring bankruptcy can seem like a daunting thing. If you approach it in a serious and structured fashion, though, it represents a good chance to get your financial house in order. Whether you're dealing with a personal or commercial bankruptcy, there are a few things you need to do before filing. Figure Out What Your Situation Actually Is Tracking down the numbers that describe your circumstances is critical.

30 June 2019

Legal Help When Immigrating To The United States


Immigration to any country is not without difficulties. The United States is no different. The legal red tape makes it tough for people to move into the country and increases the time to complete the process.  Navigating the System People have many different reasons to want to move to the US, some involve work, others because family is here, and still others are fleeing their country out of fear. Coming to the US is a good way to have the opportunities they may not have at home and start a family in a country with very few limitations.

1 May 2019

Avoiding Delays And Rejections During A Marriage-Based Green Card Application


When you have fallen in love with someone in the United States, nothing should prevent you from being together once you decide to tie the knot. However, if you make mistakes during the green card application process, you may be delayed from becoming a U.S. citizen and receiving full benefits. Make Sure the Marriage is Legal If you are going to immigrate to the United States through marriage, you must make sure that you are legally married.

25 November 2018

Understanding Your Options For Diversion Programs When You Are Charged With Drug Possession


If you are facing charges of drug possession for personal use, you should consult an attorney about potential diversion programs offered by your state. Diversion programs are designed to prevent people without a history of offences to avoid the legal system for minor, nonviolent offences such as possession of certain drugs. They usually include treatment in the form of counseling as opposed to punishment and may include restitution to the state or to a third party.

5 February 2016

How to Deal With "No Doubt" Liability in Accident Cases


When two or more people are involved in an accident, there's typically a lot of discussion between the parties and insurance companies about who is liable for the incident. Sometimes the issue is a moot point, though, because either the insurance company or the police who respond to the scene will automatically assign liability in certain types of accidents. Depending on the circumstances, this can result in people being unfairly accused when they didn't actually cause the accident.

1 October 2015

How To Use The Statute Of Limitations To Your Benefit In A Personal Injury Case


When an injury occurs because of another person's negligence, you have the right to sue that person for damages. This is considered a personal injury case, and you may be able to receive compensation for a number of different things relating to the incident. One of the most important aspects of personal injury law is something called a statute of limitations. If you understand what this is, you can use this rule to your benefit.

8 September 2015

Colonoscopy Injuries: Can You File A Lawsuit If Something Goes Wrong?


Compared to other forms of the disease, colon cancer is relatively common in the United States. According to the National Cancer Institute, 2014 saw around 136,000 new cases of colon and rectum cancer, with an estimate of 50,000 deaths. To help cut deaths, doctors recommend different types of colon cancer screening, but these procedures can sometimes lead to serious injuries. Learn more about the risks of colonoscopy, and find out if you can file a lawsuit for any injuries you receive.

2 March 2015

Parent Of A Truant? Know Your Responsibilities


Are you the parent of a teenager who seems to think that hanging out at friends' houses during the school day is preferable to homeroom and class presentations? Have you received multiple phone calls from the school advising you that your child was absent without excuse yet again? Maybe, even though you watched your son or daughter walk through the school doors at morning drop-off, the police called a few hours later to inform you that your child shoplifted from the local mall.

2 February 2015

5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Injury And Illness While Working At A Daycare


If you love kids, you might consider working at a well-run daycare center your dream career. However, spending your days around 20 or 30 children in a group setting puts you at risk for developing a shocking number of illnesses and workplace injuries. Take care of yourself with these five tips to avoid the hassle of calling in sick or filing for workers compensation. Get Vaccinated To start with, make sure all your basic vaccinations are up to date, including those for:

22 January 2015

Protect Your Elderly Loved One From Financial Abuse


One of the hardest things that you may ever have to do is to move your elderly loved one out of the comfort of their own home. While the move to a nursing home may put your mind at ease that their medical needs are being taken care of, it also puts your senior at a higher risk of being abused by a caretaker. One of these types of abuse that often go unnoticed for an extended period of time is financial abuse.

19 December 2014