How To Build A Legal Case Against A Spam Caller

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You might think that spam calls are simply a fact of life, but spam calls are often a crime and you don't have to suffer through them. Many businesses violate the law by sending unsolicited phone calls because not enough Americans fight back. But there are many ways you can stop spam calls and also earn a little money. The Do Not Call Registry It's important to get on the Do Not Call registry if you have not already one so.

25 July 2022

How To Serve Your Spouse Divorce Papers When You Don't Know Where They Live

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The decision to divorce usually comes after making many personal efforts to resolve the marital conflict. In working through the disputes and during periods of separation, frustration, and dissent, you might lose contact with your spouse. Nonetheless, a lack of knowledge about your spouse's current address complicates the divorce process. In such cases, you may not have an address where you can drop off the legal papers. Fortunately, the family law has provisions to help you tackle such a situation.

28 June 2022

Why You Need A Process Server To Move Forward With Your Case

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If you are involved in a case with another individual, you will need to make sure that they are adequately served so that your attempt to file a lawsuit is considered valid. If you do not do this, you might discover that your lawsuit is deemed to be invalid. Fortunately, a process server can help you properly serve someone. The Importance of Serving in Canada Process serving is essential because you will need to provide the other party with an opportunity to respond to your accusations and prepare a case.

27 May 2022

Why You Should Hire An Airplane Repo Attorney When Facing Repossession

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Leasing an airplane may be a good idea, but you should be aware of its risks. If you have leased one already, you may skip a payment due to an unfortunate life event or other unavoidable reasons. When you skip a payment, you may become a repossession victim. This means the airplane company may repossess their airplane and lease or sell it to recover their money. And since it's an experience you don't want to encounter, it's good to put preventive measures in place.

28 April 2022

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Handle A Personal Injury Case Without Professional Legal Representation

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Filing a personal injury claim against a negligent person does not only give you equity for your suffering but also earns you a payment for your damages. However, the time and resources this process consumes can disrupt your daily routine significantly. Besides, filling in piles of forms, recording statements, and regular hospital visits might overwhelm you. As a result, you are at a high risk of making errors that could jeopardize your claim.

24 March 2022

What The Trustee Means To Your Revocable Trust

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When it comes to estate planning, a last will and testament should be only part of the complete plan. Once a will has been prepared, turn your attention to an estate solution that is sure to become the center of your plans. When considering a revocable trust, a trustee must be chosen. Read below to find out what powers the trustee will have and what their key tasks are with a revocable trust.

16 February 2022

Why A Separation Might Make Sense Prior To Getting A Divorce

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If you are miserable in your current marriage, you might be wondering if you should immediately file for divorce or if you should consider separating for a period of time. While filing for divorce is often an option, there are sometimes advantages to separating first and then filing for divorce. Advantages of a Separation One of the advantages of separation is that you can determine if this major decision is the right one for you.

10 January 2022

What To Consider When Negotiating A Child Support Agreement

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During a divorce, there are many issues that need to be resolved. There is the separation of property and finances, spousal support payments to be made, and whether or not child support will be paid and which parent should pay it. While typically the parent who makes more money will usually pay child support when they aren't the custodial parent, this isn't always the case. Child support payments can depend greatly on what each parent makes, if both parents have equal custody, and more.

29 November 2021

3 Common Disputes An Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You Solve

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Disputes are common during estate planning. If not solved, they may become a larger problem, even for those who are not involved. An attorney will act in your best interest and protect you from common disputes that can arise when someone dies without a will or trust in place. Here are three things that an estate planning attorney can help you solve. Disputes Over Assets Conflicts over assets can arise shortly after someone dies.

20 October 2021

How An Aviation Attorney Can Help You After An Accident In Your Private Plane

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Were you recently involved in an accident in a plane that you were personally flying? If you have damaged someone's property or caused an injury, there may be legal trouble ahead. It's also possible, though, that the accident was not your fault and another party is responsible. If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of an aviation accident, it's a good idea to contact an aviation lawyer as soon as possible.

14 September 2021