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3 Measures Your Attorney Wants You To Take To Prevent Financial Problems After Dissolving Your Marriage

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One of the advantages of being in a marriage is that couples share financial obligations. As such, this prevents one parent from shouldering the burden of providing for the family and paying monthly bills. Unfortunately, couples with this arrangement in their family usually face financial problems after dissolving their marriage. This is especially the case when each partner takes care of their financial responsibilities. However, through proper planning, you can avoid financial challenges after divorce. Here are some measures your attorney from a reputable family law firm might recommend to ensure this.

Create Marital Agreements

One of the ways to protect yourself financially in a divorce is by creating prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. In this case, you and your partner will agree on what to do with your large assets and property when you decide to dissolve your marriage. Then, you will put that down in writing to prevent disagreements during a divorce. Further, such contracts can enable you to protect your assets and prevent financial problems after you and your partner separate. However, it is advisable to work with a divorce lawyer when drafting these agreements to ensure that their contents comply with your state laws.

Open Separate Accounts

Many couples close their accounts and open joint bank accounts when they start living together. In most cases, this is a good idea because it can enhance transparency between you and your partner. However, operating a joint bank account only can make it challenging to access credit if you decide to dissolve your marriage. Because of this, your lawyer will advise you to open a separate bank account when you get married. This way, you will build a credit history that will enable you to access credit without challenges after divorce. Further, your attorney will advise you not to close or freeze your joint accounts because it could impact property division during divorce.

Keep a Record of Your Assets and Debts

Keeping a record of your joint and individual assets and debts is also advisable. Then, update them when you buy a property and give a copy to your attorney every time you make amendments. Ultimately, this will enable your attorney to determine whether your partner is hiding assets when you decide to dissolve your marriage. Your records will also enable your legal advisor to determine the assets you and your partner should keep after dissolving your marriage.

A family law attorney can be helpful when you need advice on different family issues. This includes advising on the measures you can take to protect yourself financially after separating from your partner. For example, your lawyer will recommend that you take the measures above so that you may be able to support yourself financially after the divorce.


9 January 2023