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Why You Should Hire An Airplane Repo Attorney When Facing Repossession

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Leasing an airplane may be a good idea, but you should be aware of its risks. If you have leased one already, you may skip a payment due to an unfortunate life event or other unavoidable reasons. When you skip a payment, you may become a repossession victim. This means the airplane company may repossess their airplane and lease or sell it to recover their money. And since it's an experience you don't want to encounter, it's good to put preventive measures in place. Hiring an airplane repo attorney is a good idea because they legally prevent the repossession process. See why it's good to hire these lawyers whenever your airplane is about to be repossessed.

You Avoid Money Loss

You will definitely lose a lot of money when the airplane is repossessed, mainly if you just had a few installments to clear. Usually, airplanes are expensive. You could also spend a lot of money upgrading it to meet your needs. So when you lose it to repossession, you become financially crippled—something you would want to avoid. However, a reputable airplane repo attorney could help prevent repossession and ensure that your rights aren't violated. This usually happens if you have enough or justifiable reasons for skipping payments. 

You Use the Airplane to Run Your Business

If you had leased the airplane for business purposes, the airplane repo attorney could help you avoid repossession. However, the lawyer needs to establish that you use the airplane to run your business. In this case, the lawyer will explain how repossessing the airplane will seriously hurt your business. They could even explain why your business has not been doing well and perhaps what you are doing to get it back on its legs. This helps the court understand that you haven't been skipping payments deliberately.

It's Good to Act Before the Airplane Is Repossessed

Prevention is always better than cure. This means you should prevent a problem before it strikes. If you know you have skipped a payment and the airplane is about to be repossessed, you should contact an airplane repo attorney immediately. Don't wait until the airplane is repossessed to act because the process could be too complicated for you. Although you could still get the airplane back after repossession, you could spend a lot on repossession fees. So you should hire a reputable airplane repo attorney as soon as you learn that someone is planning to repossess the plane. In fact, you should hire them before the repossession process is initiated.

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28 April 2022