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A student visa that lets you study at the university of your choice is a terrific thing for you. But what happens if your studies take longer than you planned? On top of exams and term papers, you may have to worry about your student visa expiring. That’s where an immigration lawyer can be your best friend. Understanding how immigration laws work can be the first step to making sure that you keep your student visa in good standing. My blog is all about immigration issues, especially those faced by foreign students. Check out the articles for more information that you can use to complete your studies in the country you chose to study in.

Why A Separation Might Make Sense Prior To Getting A Divorce

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If you are miserable in your current marriage, you might be wondering if you should immediately file for divorce or if you should consider separating for a period of time. While filing for divorce is often an option, there are sometimes advantages to separating first and then filing for divorce.

Advantages of a Separation

One of the advantages of separation is that you can determine if this major decision is the right one for you. Filing for divorce can be very expensive and you may also want to get your finances in order. For example, you will want to determine the effect that divorce will have on your taxes and your credit.

While you could choose to separate on your own, it might make more sense to consult with a family law attorney and consider a legal separation agreement. A legal separation allows for many of the benefits that come from divorce without officially divorcing. 

Legal Separation Agreements

Once you have entered a legal separation agreement, the accounts that you own together, such as a credit card account or a bank account, will immediately be frozen. There are also limits placed on certain assets such as a car that both of you own. This prevents one partner from making decisions that can negatively affect both of you.

After ten years of marriage, there are several benefits that can arise for both partners. For example, one partner might benefit from being able to draw a larger sum from the other partner's Social Security retirement benefits. By being separated, you may see some of the benefits of divorce while still technically being married and being allowed to enjoy these benefits.

When You Decide to Stop Being Separated

When you file for divorce, you have the option to remarry after your divorce. However, if you are legally separated, you are still considered to be married and you will be allowed to have the separation reversed if you decide to give your marriage another shot.

You will be able to use a petition to file for separation from your spouse, but it is a good idea to consult with a lawyer who is licensed to practice in your state before you do so. First, there are a few states that do not allow for a legal separation in the first place. Also, you will want to discuss your options if you later decide to reverse the separation.

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10 January 2022