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What To Consider When Negotiating A Child Support Agreement

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During a divorce, there are many issues that need to be resolved. There is the separation of property and finances, spousal support payments to be made, and whether or not child support will be paid and which parent should pay it. While typically the parent who makes more money will usually pay child support when they aren't the custodial parent, this isn't always the case.

Child support payments can depend greatly on what each parent makes, if both parents have equal custody, and more. If you would prefer to create a child support payment plan outside of the court system, you can do so, provided the plan is accepted by the courts once presented in family court. Your family law attorney can help you craft a plan that works for both parents.

Here are some things to consider when negotiating a child support agreement.

The Child's Basic Needs

Before any child support agreement can be made, you must first consider the cost of your child's or children's basic needs. This means knowing the cost of housing, food, clothing, medicines, and medical care and education for your child or children. These are all things your child or children need in order to be healthy and to be able to become productive members of society when they grow up.

Write down what you believe these basic needs cost over the course of a month. Once you have an idea of how much the basic needs are, you can calculate how much the custodial parent will pay and how much the parent paying child support will pay. If both parents have joint custody, the payments could be split equally or each parent can be responsible for the child's needs within their own home.

It's best to budget for unexpected expenses, such as trips to the doctors for testing or treatments, or if the child loses a backpack or other item they need for school. These unexpected expenses should be factored into your child's basic needs payments.

If you need help to determine who should pay for your child's basic needs or the amount each parent should pay, your family law attorney can help you negotiate an agreement.

Think About Extras For Your Child

Once you have an idea of what basic items your child may need, you now have to think about extras that aren't covered by that. Extras can include toys or bikes, school trips, cellphone or computers, and anything else not covered under the basic needs column.

While you might decide that the custodial parent or the one who has the higher income will pay for these extras, it is a good idea to split them into manageable payments for both parents. This way, the burden doesn't just fall on the one parent. Your family law attorney can work with you to determine an equal and fair payment arrangement in this case.

The payments for extras can be an even split or in the amount that both parents can comfortably afford to pay.


29 November 2021