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Challenges You May Face When Suing For Injuries To Your Child From A Trampoline

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If your child was left severely injured from a trampoline accident while at a friend's house, you may wonder what your rights are in this situation. Trampolines can be very dangerous, even if they are used properly, and there were over 1 million visits to emergency rooms between 2002 to 2011 for injuries relating to trampolines. If your child was injured, you might be able to sue the person who owned the trampoline; however, you might run into some challenges when you do this.

Safety Rules

When a person owns a trampoline, there are ways he or she can allow people to use it without being responsible for injuries, and one major step in this is creating safety rules that visitors must follow when they are there. Some of these rules can include:

  • One person jumping at a time
  • There must be an adult present when kids are using it
  • No crazy stunts allowed

If these rules were posted and your child did not follow them, the homeowner might use them against you. In addition, if your child was not given permission to use the trampoline but used it anyway, you may not have any rights to sue the homeowner. If the homeowner did everything possible to protect people that went on the trampoline, it may be hard for you to sue.

You should also realize that there are some homeowners that make people sign waivers before they allow kids to jump on their trampolines. If you had signed a waiver for this purpose, you may have waived your right to sue this person for the injuries that occurred.

Injuries from trampolines can be minor or major. They often involve broken bones, but there are also times when kids can end up paralyzed from a trampoline accident.

Insurance Coverage

When a person owns a trampoline, the person's homeowner's insurance company will want to know. There are companies that will provide coverage for trampolines; however, there are also companies that offer home insurance that will not offer coverage to people who own a trampoline. If you want to sue the person that owns the trampoline, it might be wise to find out if their homeowner's insurance covers trampoline accidents. If it does not, you may have trouble getting money from this person for the injuries and damages your child has experienced from the accident.

If the person does not have homeowner's insurance coverage for trampoline accidents, you could still sue the person. The problem is that if this person does not have a lot of money, it will be very difficult for you to get paid for the injuries your child experienced.

Look Into Manufacturer Defects

If all else fails, you might be able to seek compensation through the manufacturer of the trampoline, but this will only be possible if the injuries occurred due to a problem with the trampoline's design or construction. A trampoline can have defective parts, and these parts can lead to injuries. The problem with this is proving that there was a defect with the trampoline. This is not an easy task to accomplish, but it can be a good route to take if you believe this is the reason your child was injured.

If you are trying to decide what you should do about a recent trampoline accident, you may want to begin by visiting a personal injury attorney. A lawyer like this can give you advice and information about trampoline injuries, and this information may help you decide how to proceed with your case. To learn more, contact a personal injury attorney in your city today. 


8 December 2016