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Bridges & Car Accidents: Fear, Anxiety, & Settlement Cases

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Were you recently a victim of a car accident on a bridge? That's a scary situation that might cause fear and anxiety long after the accident occurred. If you decide to move forward with a settlement case, there are many factors associated with the bridge that can become a part of the case evidence. By consulting with a car accident attorney, you can break down these different elements and help you recover and get to end of your settlement case.

Fears & Anxieties

After getting into a car accident on a bridge, you may form new fears and anxieties that you never thought you had before. One of the main fears may be bridges themselves. Traveling over the bridge in the future may create a fear of heights or a fear of water if the bridge is suspended over water. These fears may extend beyond just driving and bridges. For example, a fear of heights may extend to additional elements like hiking trips, high-rise buildings, or even amusement park rides. These new fears and anxieties may contribute to a loss in the quality of your life. If this is the case, then a car accident attorney can use your testimony in your settlement case to help prove the impact of the accident. When someone else is fault for the accident, they can be held liable for your quality of life changes.

As a part of this process, you may include all of these details through a pain and suffering statement. This statement can offer details about your experience before, during, and after the accident. By evaluating this statement and comparing to other settlement cases, an attorney can establish an estimated settlement amount on your behalf.

Driving Changes

Along with the emotional changes that come with a car accident on a bridge, you may also be dealing with practical changes in your daily life. One of the biggest changes may come with your daily drive and commute in the local area. Due to your fears and anxieties, it may be nerve-wracking or extremely uncomfortable to drive over the same bridge where your car accident occurred. You may also have to avoid other large bridges that trigger the fears and anxieties that came from the initial accident. In doing this, you may have to spend more time and money on figuring out alternative routes for you to travel on. Along with extra gas expenses, natural wear and tear on your vehicle could lead to extra costs and maintenance.

By using maps and detailed calculations, an attorney can help you seek compensation for the driving changes you've had to endure. In some cases, you may be forced to travel over a bridge to reach different destinations like a grocery store or workplace. If you're unable to drive yourself, then you may be forced to pay for extra services like a taxi or Uber. All of these costs should be accounted for through your settlement case.


A car accident on a bridge can be a traumatic experience. One way to help you cope through the emotional pain is by seeing a therapist. If you've been seeing a therapist because of an accident, there are multiple ways that this therapy can be a part of your settlement case. The first factor is the cost and expenses. If you're attending therapy as a result of the car accident, then the party at fault for the accident should be held liable for these extra costs. Therapy sessions can quickly add up, but it's important to get your full treatment without having to worry about the costs associated with it. Bills and payments can be submitted to a lawyer as evidence in your case.

A therapist can also provide evidence to showcase the emotional trauma that you have gone through due to your car accident. Written or verbal testimony may be used in the case to showcase your initial emotional conditions and the various problems that have occurred due to the accident. This may include proof of your fear or heights or bridges in general.

Get started with your settlement case by contacting a law firm like Wolter, Beeman & Lynch​. They can help set up a plan for your case and start moving forward with it right away.


5 August 2016