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Self-Harm Prevention: Teen Injured From Laser Hair Treatment? Here's What You Need To Know

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If your teen has been diagnosed with self-harm and is at risk of cutting themselves when they shave, you'll need to provide your teen with a safe alternative to shaving. One way to remove unwanted hair is by getting laser hair removal treatments. However, if the treatments are not done correctly, your teen's skin may be injured by the laser. Here's what you need to know about laser hair treatment and how a medical negligence lawyer can help if your teen gets injured. 

Laser Treatments Target Pigment

The laser during a laser hair treatment works by zapping the hair follicle, which will cause it to explode underneath the skin. The darker the pigment in the hair, the longer it will take the laser to cause this explosion. This depends on the type of hair and the settings of the laser being used. The zapping of the hair follicles can cause your teenager to feel a small amount of pain, which is similar to how a rubber band feels when it is snapped against the skin.

The pigment in the hair is what is targeted during laser hair treatment. What this means is that very light or blonde hair may not be removed effectively by a laser hair treatment. However, pigment in the skin can also be affected by the laser, which means the skin may be lightened by a laser if the incorrect settings were used by the technician. This could produce a speckled look which may damage your teen's self esteem and cause emotional distress, which can be compensated for as part of a medical negligence lawsuit.

Wrong Equipment & Settings Can Cause Injuries

The laser can also cause blisters and/or scaring if the wrong laser strength and type is chosen by the technician. Before scheduling a series of laser hair removal treatments, ask the technician to give you a spot test on hair stubble in an inconspicuous place to see what kind of results you can expect and, more importantly, so the technician can determine the most appropriate settings for your teen. If the technician insists that a doing a test spot is not necessary, find another technician or treatment center that will. 

Technicians Should Follow Privacy Laws

Since your primary concern with your teen's self-harming tendencies is their addiction to feeling pain, it's a good idea to give your teen a dose of pain medication prior to laser hair removal treatment. There's no need to discuss your teen's self-harm tendencies with the technician. However, if he or she asks about the scars your teen likely has from cutting, you'll want to be sure the treatment center follows HIPAA's privacy laws. If they violate HIPAA and discuss your teen's issues with others without your permission, file a complaint against them through the Office of Civil Rights. A medical negligence lawyer can help you file this complaint. 

 Laser Treatment Is a Medical Procedure

It's important to understand that laser hair removal is considered a medical procedure instead of a spa treatment. The reason for this is because of the skin's importance in being the body's protective layer since the wrong type of laser and/or the wrong setting can cause injuries. Therefore, be sure the person who will be performing the laser hair treatments on your teenager is certified to do so. 

Seek Legal Counsel for Injuries 

If personal injury does occur following treatment, such as blistering and scarring, seek legal counsel through a medical negligence lawyer from a firm like Davidson Law Center Inc. More than likely, the treatment center's liability insurance carrier will want to settle out of court so the treatment center can avoid bad publicity. Before a settlement is reached, it's a good idea to have your teen's mental health team do an assessment so any changes in your teen's mental health needs can be included in the compensation. 


10 June 2016